Edgar Wright Teases <i>Ant-Man</i> With Mysterious Image

Over the past six years or so, fans impatiently awaiting Marvel's Ant-Man movie have become accustomed to infrequent script updates and, most recently, hope-filled assurances from Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige that the project is " “as close as it’s ever been." But what are they to make of the above image, writer and director Edgar Wright posted just this weekend?

"Received this in the mail," Wright wrote on Twitter. "What can it mean?"

Indeed. It's a tantalizing and well-timed photo, particularly considering all eyes are on Marvel following The Avengers' record-breaking $200.3 million opening weekend in North America. But is Wright merely teasing Ant-Man fans -- and perhaps prodding studio executives -- or is the mysterious image a sign that we should expect an announcement, say, by Comic-Con International?

After all, Feige did say just a few weeks ago that, "Edgar is getting excited to get behind the camera again and start some advanced prep work for Ant-Man. … We are going to take some forward steps in a few months that will bring it closer than ever."

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