Eddie Izzard Dons Grandpa's Cape in <i>Munsters</i> Pilot <i>Mockingbird Lane</i>

The Munsters patriarch has been found! In the first bit of casting news from Bryan Fuller and Bryan Singer's long-gestating remake of the campy '60s sitcom now called Mockingbird Lane, The Live Feed reports that actor-comedian Eddie Izzard will play Grandpa Munster. The new series has been described as a more dramatic take on the monster-family comedy that aired for 70 episodes between 1964 and 1966.

Izzard's character is described as a witty, but powerful vampire in the same vein as Al Lewis, who played the character on the original series. Some reports explain that the series might be about the early days of Herman and Lily's relationship. Izzard doesn't look nearly as old as Lewis did in the original version, so his casting might point to the earlier timeline of this series.

Of course, old-age makeup is always an option, but we'll see who gets cast as Herman and Lily or whether Eddie is mentioned at all to make a better guess at the timing of the series.

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