Eddie Campbell Comics ceases publication

From Eddie Campbell:

Official Press Release

I have ceased publishing new work for the foreseeable future. Egomania#2 is the final release from Eddie Campbell Comics. I conceived Egomaniain a moment when From Hell was bringing in so much revenue that I couldafford to indulge myself and put out a magazine which made nocompromises to market expectations. I wanted to do a mag made up of myenthusiasms, pure and simple, presented in a precise and attractivetypographical setting. I also wanted it to be such an eclectic mix ofstuff that it would confound the comics purists who attempt to oppressand stultify our medium by straight-jacketing it with their definitionsand rules. It's time to broaden our vision instead of narrowing it. Iknew the thing had no chance in the current market and that the clockwas ticking as soon as I started. The collapse of my US distributor lastyear hurried things to an early conclusion.

Egomania #1 and #2 are still available. The latter has the wittiestand most engaging interview with Alan Moore that you will read anywhere.Also, I take pride in the fact that in the eight years since I startedself publishing I have managed to get my entire catalogue, more or less,back into print. There are the four Alec, or autobiographical books, thenine Bacchus books, and the enormous collected From Hell. If you haven'tpicked up After The Snooter yet, go and check it out. I put everythinginto that one and I believe it's the goods. All of these books and morewill continue to be available from Top Shelf Productions, or frommyself. I expect my new serial The History of Humour will resurface insome way or other. There's a new Playwright story by Daren White andmyself in the current Dee Vee special. And I'll be showing up at quite afew conventions this year too (if United Airlines, under Chapter 11bankruptcy, continue to honour my squillion frequent flyer points).

For the rest of the year I'll be working on a one-off Batman book,writing and painting. (I seem to have got into this gig by a series ofpeculiar accidents.) In a way it could be viewed as a development of myinterview with old Batman artist Lew Sayre Schwartz in Egomania #1. I'llalso be revisiting From Hell territory since the book is set in Londonin 1939 and involves a complicated mystery and a very eccentric secretsociety. I'm enjoying applying myself to the full colour painted pagesand escaping from the travails of dealing with pre-press problems,printing problems, distribution problems, importation problems and allthe other bureaucratic interruptions that have distracted me from theimportant work over the last few years. I won't say more about theproject at this stage except that to my surprise I am reinventing myselfanew on every page. At the current page (#8 ) it's impossible to imaginehow it will look at the end. So look for news on this later in the year.

Until then,


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