SDCC: Ed Piskor Reveals X-Men Grand Design for Marvel


Announced earlier today during Marvel Comics' Next Big Thing panel at Comic-Con International, the X-Men's long, often complicated history will be untangled in a new miniseries.

Hip-Hop Family Tree creator Ed Piskor is the man for the job, as the publisher announced the indy comics writer/artist will be the person who "stitches together the stories of the important years of the X-Men." The series will see Piskor look to the franchise's past, present and future in order to tell a story that ties all of the X-Men's high points together in a single narrative.

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Every chapter of the six-part series will condense a decades' worth of X-Men lore into a single issue. The first issue starts in the '60s, with subsequent installments covering the '70s through today.

Check out the official press release below, along with all of Piskor's covers, and check back with CBR soon for more on what to expect from X-Men Grand Design.

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During today’s Next Big Thing Panel at Comic-Con International San Diego, Marvel Entertainment announced that this fall, it would be debuting X-MEN GRAND DESIGN by acclaimed artist Ed Piskor (Hip-Hop Family Tree).

A true inclusive book for all X-Men fans, X-MEN GRAND DESIGN stitches together the stories of the important years of the X-Men. Bridging the history of everyone’s favorite mutants with the present day, it’s a title that truly sums up Marvel Legacy and its importance to the Marvel Universe.

Filled with Easter Eggs from years past for die-hard X-fans and nods to the present day X-Men stories, X-MEN GRAND DESIGN is a celebration of the X-Men – past, present, and future. Coming this fall!

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