Piskor Shares X-Men Grand Design's (Not So) Secret Origin


It all began with a tweet.

In late-2015, Hip-Hop Family Tree creator Ed Piskor, let it be known on Twitter that he had an idea that could take 300 issues of X-Men comics and turn them into a 300-page epic, should Marvel Comics be interested. As it turned out, Marvel was -- revealed as part of the publisher's Comic-Con International announcements, Piskor's X-Men Grand Design will untangle decades of Marvel's mutant adventures, streamlining them all into a single storyline.

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“I don’t look down on this material at all," Piskor told Pittsburgh City Paper of his story, which will distill decades of comics into a mere six issues. "I have great admiration for these comics, and I consider this project to be built on the shoulders of giants... I'm not doing anything insanely controversial with the material."

Art from the first issue of Ed Piskor's X-Men Grand Design

"[X-Men Grand Design] tells them in a way [that] it all seamlessly goes together, even if in reality it wasn’t like that," series editor Chris Robinson says of Piskor's approach.

Piskor, who writes and illustrates his acclaimed indy comic on his own, will draw from more than the likes of Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, Chris Claremont and other creators who made the X-Men one of MArvel's biggest franchises. The writer/artist said his story will also include dos to the art sales of Prince Valiant creator Hal Foster, Scrooge McDuck creator Carl Barks and more, as he writes, draws, colors and letters the entire storyline on his own.

X-Men Grand Design #1 arrives in December from Marvel Comics.

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