Ed Brubaker Writes Introduction For New Crime Book, 'Miss,' From Humanoids

[Miss]Los Angeles ­ Humanoids Publishing is extremely pleased toannounce that Batman and Catwoman writer, Ed Brubaker has written anintroduction to its new crime genre trade paperback, Miss: Better LivingThrough Crime. His participation was added at the last minute, and thereforenot mentioned in the solicitations for the book.

"Ed is a great writer, and we're really big fans of his," said Ian Sattler,Marketing Manager for Humanoids. "We asked him to take a look at Missbecause its subject matter is right up his alley. Thankfully he liked itenough to write the intro. Miss is a fantastic book, and I hope that fanswill take note of what Ed has to say about it and check it out when it comesout in July. You still have time to pre-order a copy at your friendlyneighborhood comic store," Sattler said.

Here now for your reading entertainment is Ed Brubaker's completeintroduction to Miss: Better Living Through Crime:

"Working in the U.S. comics market, it's hard not to look at European comicswith a sort of jealousy. The freedom that writers and artists have toexplore so many different genres, in such nice packages, is certainlyalluring when viewed from a place that is so dominated by one particulargenre and style. One of my favorite genres, of course, which has thrived inEuropean comics, and is finally starting to gain a hold in the Americanscene, is crime stories, and you'll be hard-pressed to find a morecompelling example of a great crime story than in MISS.

"In fact, in European comics, aside from Munoz and Sampayo's SINNER books, Ican't recall any work in the form that has such lovingly rendered andsympathetic characters, who also happen to do completely despicable thingsto survive. Enola and Slim kill a lot of people. Some for money, some forsurvival, and some for revenge. And yet, you can't help but fall in lovewith them over the course of their adventures and want to know what happensnext.

"Another thing you'll find in this book that is sadly missing from mostAmerican comics is a sense of breadth, of time passing, one story ending andanother beginning. Just like life, but a whole hell of a lot meaner than thelife you're used to. It's a world where violence is so commonplace that it'streated casually, and that impressed me to no end. These aren't characterswho weep every time they have to kill someone, but when they bleed, you wantthem to keep on living just the same.

"What more can I say about MISS, other than that I would give my left arm towork with such amazing artists as Marc Rioux and Mark Vigouroux. These twocreated a sense of character and place unlike any comic I've read in a longwhile, and I'll follow them to anything they do. You should too, and youshould read MISS and put it on the shelf where it belongs, next to DashiellHammett and Jim Thompson. And like me, you should anxiously await yourchance to revisit this world.

"Ed Brubaker is a Harvey, Eisner and Ignatz nominated cartoonist and writerwhose work includes A Complete Lowlife, Scene of the Crime, the Fall,Batman, and Catwoman. His work in the crime genre has been translated intonine languages all over Europe."

Here is the original solicitation text for Miss, "Welcome to the world ofMiss, a bold new journey into crime graphic novels from HumanoidsPublishing. Set during the early 1900s in New York, Miss tells the tale oftwo unlikely partners in crime, Enola and Slim. Enola is a poor white girlwho has learned to survive by hook or by crook since being expelled from theorphanage. Slim is a black pimp with an uncertain past, trying to keep onefoot out of the grave. When their paths cross, and their options run out,Enola and Slim forge a partnership as murderers for hire. This is theirstory - what it takes to survive when all you have is a gun. Miss is amasterpiece of crime fiction that is sure to entertain fans of Torso and SinCity."

Miss: Better Living Through Crime is written by Philippe Thirault, with artby Marc Riou and Mark Vigouroux. On sale in July, it is a 192 page softcovertrade in grayscale retailing for $24.95. For more information, go to:http://www.humanoids-publishing.com

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