Ed Brubaker Signs Overall Deal with Legendary Television

Comics creator Ed Brubaker has inked an overall deal with Legendary Television. Under the deal, Brubaker will help turn his creator-owned works into series for the studio.

Television is not a new arena for Brubaker, who worked as a supervising producer on HBO’s Westworld. Brubaker’s recent television endeavors also include working with director Nicolas Winding Refn on the surrealist Amazon Studios crime series Too Old to Die Young.

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As a comics writer, Brubaker’s body of work includes Criminal, a crime comic that acts as a meditation on the genre; Incognito, about a pulp villain who turns to superheroism after ratting out his old boss and entering the Witness Protection Program; Fatale, which tells the story of a seemingly immortal femme fatale being pursued by a cult; The Fade Out, about a screenwriter trying to solve the murder of a starlet; and Kill or be Killed, about a college student whose failed suicide attempt is revealed to be part of the machinations of a demon who offers him another month of life for every person he kills.

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Outside of the creator-owned world, Brubaker is best known for the Winter Soldier arc in Marvel's Captain America comics and rebooting Catwoman at DC Comics. Brubaker is just the latest comics creator to be recruited by Legendary Television. Saga writer Brian K. Vaughan was hired by the studio in December.

Details about what exactly Brubaker will be working on with Legendary have not yet been revealed.

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