<i>Eclipse</i> Has Broken Box Office Records Already

It has started: The Twilight Saga: Eclipse doesn't just have the widest opening of any movie in US domestic history, it's already set new records for the most successful midnight opening of any movie in US box office history.

Eclipse's midnight opening made more than $30 million in midnight showings last night alone - Or, as I like to call it uncharitably, more than three times what Jonah Hex made in its first week of release - setting a new record for midnight openings as well as a new record for IMAX midnight screenings, making more than $1 million at IMAX theaters alone. The previous record holders were, respectively, The Twilight Saga: New Moon and Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen.

Interestingly enough, the Hollywood Reporter argues that this strong an opening might be a problem for Eclipse's weekend tally:

In comparing the "Eclipse" debut with its franchise predecessors, industryites will be watching the threequel's Wednesday-through-Friday grosses. But domestic rankings for the Independence Day holiday weekend will be based on Friday-through-Monday boxoffice. Many believe "Eclipse" will have scooped so much boxoffice cream off the top of its opening by Friday, that its first-weekend tally will fall well short of $100 million.

Oh, cinema industry definitions of weekend. When will you stop being difficult?

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