Echo Bounces Back: David Mack working on mini-series starring 'Daredevil' love interest

[Daredevil: Parts of a Hole]An intriguing character who made her debut as Ol' Hornhead's female foil in the "Daredevil: Parts of a Hole" arc should have her own mini-series sometime next year - and possibly a regular series after that.

Writer/artist David Mack, who scripted "Parts of a Hole," is working on a project starring Maya Lopez, the boxer and performance artist also known as Echo. Maya was introduced in "Daredevil" #9 but hasn't been seen since that story - now collected in a trade paperback - wrapped up in #15.

In an exclusive interview with CBR News conducted on the floor of the Wizard World: Chicago convention, Mack said work has begun on the long-discussed Echo book.

"I'm writing it right now," Mack said. "It's definitely going to happen."

Non-"Daredevil" readers who may not recognize Echo's name surely have heard about her handiwork: At the end of "Parts of a Hole," she shot the Kingpin and left him blind in an effort to avenge her father's death at the crime boss' hands.

Mack's current plan is for a mini-series that could lead to a regular monthly title. "I want to do a little story to start with," he said.

An artist hasn't been assigned to the project yet. Mack is considering painting the series as well as writing it, which would be something of a milestone for him. Although he wrote the "Parts of a Hole" tale and painted Brian Michael Bendis' "Daredevil: Wake Up" story, he's never actually written and illustrated a Daredevil-related story by himself.

"I really want to write and paint an Echo story," Mack said. "I've written a Daredevil story and I've painted a Daredevil story, but I've never written and painted a Daredevil story."

[David Mack]It would only make sense for Matt Murdock to play some kind of a role in the still-untitled Echo series, and Mack says DD fans won't be disappointed in that regard. "There will be some Daredevil in the Echo story," he said. "Part of the story will have her looking back at what happened in the 'Daredevil' story, and her relationship with the Kingpin. The bulk of the story will have her getting in touch with her Native American roots."

The folks at Marvel Comics are excited about having Mack working for the company again, and specifically on an Echo project.

"It's great to see new characters like Echo that were introduced in other characters' books have enough fan demand that they can come back and star in their own mini-series," Marvel spokesman Bill Rosemann said. "And who better to tell the story than David Mack."

Mack has several other projects in the works, including a Wolverine book with Italian artist Gabriele Dell'Otto, who has worked on a variety of European projects for Marvel Comics. Mack also writing and illustrating another "Kabuki" book for Image Comics, which should come as fantastic news to fans of that creator-owned title. The as-of-yet unnamed book will be fully painted and should be out in early 2003. Whether he's working on "Daredevil" or other more recognizable superhero titles, "Kabuki" has always remained the project closest to Mack's heart.

"I'm really aching to get the next 'Kabuki' story out," he said.

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