ECCC12 Photo Parade

Much like the show itself, CBR's Emerald City Comicon Photo Parade may be a bit smaller than other conventions', but there's no denying the quality of the costumes and enthusiasm of the attendees. From the traditional Star Wars fans to a plethora of costumed heroes and villains and the newly-hot "Hunger Games" cosplay, attendees and pros had a blast over the three-day show, whose sights and spectacle are captured below by CBR Contributors and convention photogs, George Tramountanas and Daniel Glendening.

The following photos were taken by George Tramountanas

Yip yip yip yip!Great Grand Moff Tarkin, that's a bevy of Fetts!Image Comics co-founder Erik Larsen ketchesDuck legend Don Rosa"Fear Agent" artist Tony Moore sketches

Phoenix Jones and friends make an appearanceAqua Team Hunger Force's own Carl BrutananadilewskiHulks clash as Family Guy's Peter Griffin looks onExcellent Silver Surfer and GalactusThe X-Man Pixie has become a cosplay faveECCC has Katniss FeverVintage disco Dazzler

The following photos were taken by Daniel Glendening

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