ECCC12 | Falling Skies Ups Its Game in Darker Season 2

The first day of Emerald City Comicon in Seattle started off strong with a Falling Skies panel and sneak peek at the TNT drama’s June 17 second-season premiere. On the panel were actors Colin Cunningham and Drew Roy and executive producer Remi Aubuchon. The panel began amid much laughter and rumblings of a bionic goat.

"We are not doing that," Aubuchon assured the audience.

The second season of the alien-invasion series begins three months after the Season 1 finale, with Tom Mason (Noah Wyle) still not returned from the alien ship. The the 2nd Massachusetts Militia Regiment, having suffered great losses over the intervening three months, is now on the run, with the Skitters never too far away.

Aubuchon told the audience that the battle will be tougher and the storylines darker in Season 2. Cunningham's character John Pope starts a new team known as The Berserkers that will become part of the 2nd Mass. Details on this will be revealed in the upcoming comic book tie-in, which covers the three months between seasons. The book is available online now, with a printed version available in July at Comic-Con International in San Diego.

The fighters on each side of the battle have improved their skills, and will need to keep "upping their game" to survive the second brutal season. The severity of their current situation showcased in a never-before-seen clip from the season premiere in which Pope says, "When life gives you lemons, you blow its freaking head off!"

Hal Mason, played by Roy, has grown up a bit and now leads his own group, taking on the responsibilities that come with it. Hal's brother Ben (Connor Jessup) has changed as well, becoming something of a Skitter-killing machine. The panel also touched on whether Hal might have a love interest this season in the form of a Maggie, a member of The Berserkers. The panelists were coy, but told fans to "stay tuned."

Asked how the producers come up with the futuristic weapons, Aubuchon revealed they have their writers and technical advisers on staff for that very reason.

Aubuchon spoke about his relationship with science adviser Kevin Grazier. "You say to him, 'I need a this,' and you will get, like, 12 pages of the most awesome stuff," Aubuchon said. "And I said, 'Is any of this real?' And his answer is, 'It could be.'"

Watching the opening minutes of the Falling Skies Season 2 premiere below.

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