ECCC: Ron Chan Draws "The Guild: Clara"

Dark Horse announced today at Emerald City Comicon, the third character spotlight one-shot of Felicia Day's "The Guild" will focus on perky but neglectful mom Clara, with art by Ron Chan. Each issue of the popular web series' second comic book miniseries is illustrated by a different artist, with the first, starring Vork, featuring Darrick Robertson on art, and the second, with Tink in the lead, drawn by a cadre of artists including Kristian Donaldson, Jeremy Bastian, Wellinton Alves, Tim Seeley and Adam Warren. Chan also provided a cover for the Tink issue, which arrives in stores March 16.

"The Guild" creator Felicia Day told CBR News, "[It was a] strange coincidence. The first time I saw the 'Guild' characters interpreted through someone else's eyes, it was through Ron's when he sent some fan art sketches to us!  To be working on a whole issue with him is extremely exciting because I am a fan of his work, and it feels like it's right for the spirit of the show: Community and collaboration. He will do Clara proud."

CBR News spoke with Chan about the upcoming "The Guild: Clara" spotlight.

CBR News: You've done a few "Guild" illustrations, including the cover to the Tink one-shot and an image for the first miniseries collection. For Clara, you get a whole issue. What are you most looking forward to when drawing her story?

Not Actual "The Guild: Clara" One-Shot Art

Ron Chan: "The Guild" is a pretty goofy series in general, but I think Clara is one of the especially goofy characters, so I'm looking forward to drawing a lot of silly moments and fun expressions, which is something that I enjoy immensely. 

What is your experience with "The Guild" as a fan? I hear you once sent some fan art to Ms. Day.

I was introduced to "The Guild" by my brother, who loves the series despite not being a gamer. He had purchased the season one DVD after following the series online, and passed it on to me with high recommendations. I didn't know what it was at the time, but after watching the DVD straight through, I knew it was something special, and continued to follow the series via X-Box.

Do you play video games yourself? Is there any Guildie you particularly identify with?

Absolutely. I've been a gamer as long as I can remember. I don't have much experience with MMOs, but I grew up on SNES JRPGs, and at the time I started watching "The Guild," I was also doing some DnD, so I'm pretty comfortable with the world of fantasy gaming. I think the great thing about the characters of "The Guild" is that there is something in every character that we can identify within ourselves in life and in gaming. The desire to lead, to do what is right, to be conniving, to charm, to trick, to cast magic, be a tank, to go all out DPS on some fools, and of course, to reach out and find kinship amongst like-minded people.

Looking at your art blog, you're obviously comfortable using a number of different styles -- one wouldn't necessarily guess that the artist of that Tink cover was the same person who did the Tintin image or the Thunderbolts and Madman illustrations, for example. Do you plan on differentiating Clara's in-game adventures from her real life using different styles?

I like to do a lot of playing with styles in my art. It keeps me on my toes creatively and also is just fun to do. In the art for the Clara issue, there will definitely be some difference between the look of the real life and in-game scenes.

Have you had a chance to work much with Felicia Day at this point, or is it still too early in the comic's development? What is your impression of how she's approached "The Guild," both in video and comics?

My work on the issue hasn't started yet, but I have no doubt it will go very well. Having watched the show as well as read the original "Guild" miniseries from Dark Horse, it's immediately evident that Felicia treats writing the comic with every bit as much care and craft as she does the show.

The paperback edition of "Supersized" comes out this month, which you illustrated some stories for. Do you enjoy this sort of story that's focused (more or less) on real-life situations, as opposed to what you might draw for a superhero series?

Yeah, I'm excited that "Supersized" will be out soon. I drew nine of the short stories in the collection, and had good fun doing so. I enjoy drawing real life situations every bit as much as I enjoy drawing heroes, action or fantasy. I think the thing I like most about drawing comic is the interaction between characters and finding the life in their acting -- that exists in any genre.

Not Actual "The Guild: Clara" One-Shot Art

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