ECCC | <I>Penny Arcade</I> jumps to Oni Press for print collections

Oni Press is no stranger to video game-inspired comics if Scott Pilgrim is any indication, and it seems they're strengthening those bonds with today's announcement at Emerald City Comicon. The Portland-based publisher has secured the print publishing rights to the long-running webcomic series Penny Arcade. The creation of avid video game (and comic book) fans Jerry Holkins and Mike Krahulik, Penny Arcade is a witty piece chronicling two friends enjoying and lampooning videos games and their surrounding culture.

“This was a no-brainer for us,” explains Joe Nozemack, Oni's publisher, in a press release. “The guys at Penny Arcade are driven by the same rebellious desire to create that led to our starting Oni Press. We emerged from the same zeitgeist. The first Oni Press comic was published at the end of 1997, and Penny Arcade hit the web in 1998. We aren’t just peers, we come from the same graduating class.”

Launched on the internet in 1998, Penny Arcade has been with a number of different print publishers over the years. Originally its collections were published by Dark Horse, and in 2009 the strip switched to Del Rey. Penny Arcade's new relationship with Oni begins August 2012 with the release of the series' eighth collection titled Penny Arcade, Vol. 8: Magical Kids in Danger, collecting the series' 2007 strips.

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