ECCC: "Kamandi Challenge" 24 Creators At Random for "Last Boy On Earth" Stories

During the DC Entertainment All Access panel at Emerald City Comic Con, co-publisher Dan Didio announced the "Kamandi Challenge" -- a spin on the 1985-1986 "DC Challenge, wherein 12 teams of creators told a single story in a round-robin style -- that will see 24 creators united in "random" pairings, that were "carefully selected," to tell their best "Last Boy On Earth" stories.

These are the following teams uniting for DC's "Kamandi Challenge": Dan Abnett & Dale Eaglesham, Peter J. Tomasi & Neal Adams, Amanda Conner & Jimmy Palmiotti, James Tynion IV & Carlos D'Anda, Bill Willingham & Ivan Reis, Steve Orlando & Philip Tan, Marguerite Bennett & Dan Jurgens, Keith Giffen & Steve Rude, Tom King & Kevin Eastman, Greg Pak & Joe Prado, Rob Williams & Walter Simonson, Gail Simone & Ryan Sook and Len Wein & Jose Luis García-López.

You can follow the DC Entertainment All Access panel over at CBR's live blog.

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