ECCC: John Barrowman Can Do Anything Better Than You

"They were supposed to introduce me,” John Barrowman asked as he stepped onstage at Emerald City Comicon. “What the fuck happened?”

"You know what? We're going to do it again," he said, ducking out of sight before walking back out to thunderous applause and his own announcement, "Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the well-hung John Barrowman."

Before opening up the floor to questions, the veteran of “Doctor Who,” “Torchwood” and “Arrow” warned, "Political correctness is out the door." He requested that before asking questions, fans tell their age, because, “If you state your age, I know how far I can go with you."

Asked about playing characters that have come back from the dead, Barrowman replied, "It's great because I know I've got a job for an awful long time." About showing the character's return, he said, "I had in my head the idea that I would wake up and somehow I would show that I had been through a journey or a massive trauma, both in my head and physically." Mekhi Phifer later imitated Captain Jack's wide-eyed gasp in his portrayal of Rex Matheson on "Torchwood." "I was very proud that later on, when Phifer did his awakening, he did the same thing. It was nice to see that that was the way to wake up when you're coming back to life."

Barrowman said that while working on "Doctor Who," he tried not to read scripts too far in advance, because "I feel like it will affect what I'm doing in the moment because I know what's coming up so instead I'm thinking about that." He was shocked to learn his character became the Face of Boe. While watching that episode's premiere, he casually to the window as the reveal scene was coming up: "I'm just opening the window so I can hear the nation's jaw drop."

About Captain Jack's many on-screen romances, Barrowman said, "The best kiss, the person I love kissing the most, was Gareth David-Lloyd, who played Ianto. It was just because I felt powerful, because Gareth is straight. Gareth likes the girls and he totally gave over and was passionate with me and everything." After a pause, he said, "Put it this way: Gareth was always happy to see me. And I felt very powerful when that happened. I was like, I've got something that you don't want but it's still turning you on."

Actress Alex Kingston, who played River Song on "Doctor Who," made a brief appearance at the panel. "I think it was unfortunate that we never got to cross paths on TV," she said. "But we're here now," Barrowman replied. The two sang a duet, "You'd Be So Easy to Love," from the musical "Anything Goes." He also sang a duet with a fan dressed as Wonder Woman, "Anything You Can Do" from "Annie Get Your Gun."

Barrowman said his inspiration comes from his fans. "I've been given the greatest gift of my life, and that is being looked up to by you guys," he said. "I will always be your voice when you don't have one. You guys are my inspiration. […] The people who know me, they know that's not a bullshit thing I'm telling you."

One fan asked about a GIF that circulated of John Barrowman passing Prince Harry, with the two slapping each other on the butt. "That was probably a fake picture," the actor replied, "because as much as I would love to smack his ass, that ginger carrot top beautiful man that he is, there ain't no way my hand is getting near his butt. Even though his grandmother is a queen, she ain't going to let me near him."

He added, “Whoever made that, send them my way, because I got a lot of other ideas for them."

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