Opening with "Adventure Time" writer Ryan North treating the audience to a read-along from a Con-exclusive "Adventure Time" hardcover, BOOM! Studios' Emerald City Comic Con panel celebrating the hit series saw Editor Shannon Watters, artists Braden Lamb & Shelli Paroline, the writer/artist of the "Fionna and Cake" miniseries Natasha Allegri and North discuss the highlights, successes and hilarity from the first year of the comic while hinting at what's in store for fans in the future.

North puts a lot on the series artists, asking them to draw ridiculous scenarios such as rain falling up and hugs so intense that they blind the reader. "You just write down lies and ask them to draw them," he explained with a laugh.

North's said that he loves writing "Adventure Time." His process is simple: he sits in a room alone trying to make himself laugh. After writing the scenes, he imagines the panels in vague shapes and colors with very little detail. He shared that he is consistently impressed by the work of his colleagues. "It's always, always better than I imagined," he said.

The writer has about a month to pen each issue of the monthly title, typically spending three hours per page just to get the story going in the right direction. Allegri inks and colors two to three pages per day, with an average issue taking him three weeks.

North then took full control of the panel, previewing issue #15, which opens with a "princesses only" tea party, sans Finn and Jake. All of the princesses are wearing "sweet hats," including a creepy new princess who was created at ECCC 2012: Lamprey Princess. After Magic Man crashes the tea party, Finn and Jake have to break out of their sulking to save the day. Finn trades his party suit for battle gear, jumping into Jake and wearing him like armor. "I really do like the Jakesuit mode," North said. "As a visual element, it's the best illustration of friendship."

This issue will be a great place to start for new readers, as it's a standalone. Paroline and Lamb will be illustrating the issue by hand instead of digitally. "It will be a little different, but I hope you guys like it," Watters said.

The panel moved on to discuss the six-issue miniseries "Fionna and Cake." Taking place entirely in Ice King's imagination and presented as "fan fiction" of Finn and Jake, "Fionna and Cake" follows gender swapped versions of the various "Adventure Time" characters in the Land of Aaa.

Allegri, who draws and illustrates the series, discussed her creative process in putting together the books. "I lock myself in my room with my cat and cat food, and I sit there after work all night. I usually have a YouTube video-song on repeat. I sit and draw, and then I fall asleep. I wake up and try to email Shannon, and it eventually gets done."

Coming soon for "Adventure Time" are new characters like Lumpy Space Prince (with a tiny mustache!) and Skateboard Princess as well as an original long-form manga-style graphic novel written by Danielle Corsetto and drawn by Zack Sterling. The book will be black and white instead of the usual candy colors and is slated for an April release.

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