ECCC EXCLUSIVE: "Valiant Origins" Web Series Details Histories of Bloodshot and More

Between impending 25th anniversary celebrations and a recently announced infusion of major funding, Valiant Entertainment now aims to give those new to the company a ground-level look at its main characters -- not in print or digital comics, but on YouTube, with the new web series "Valiant Origins." The announcement comes as part of Valiant's Emerald City Comicon plans, and CBR has the exclusive first details.

"Valiant Origins" is a 10-part series, set to be released biweekly, featuring animated histories of the publisher's biggest characters; not unlike a video recap page. The first installment stars Bloodshot -- mere weeks before the April 15 debut of "Bloodshot Reborn" by Jeff Lemire and Mico Suayan -- and is available to view now.

"We are always meeting new fans in stores or at conventions who have the same question," Valiant Publisher Fred Pierce said in a statement. "'I've heard incredible things about Valiant, now where can I start?' 'Valiant Origins' is an easy answer to that question. This web series will be a one-stop destination to find out who Valiant's characters are and can quickly get new readers up to speed on the heroes and villains that will be at the forefront of Valiant's publishing line in the months and years to come."

Future installments of "Valiant Origins" are set to include Divinity, Livewire, Ninjak, Quantum and Woody and X-O Manowar. Further episodes will be available on Valiant's YouTube page.

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