ECCC EXCLUSIVE: Ted Adams & Mark Torres Adapt "The Shrinking Man" at IDW

Famed sci-fi author Richard Matheson's novel "The Shrinking Man" was first released in 1956, and nearly 60 years later, IDW Publishing is adapting it as a comic book minseries, as announced Friday at Emerald City Comicon. IDW's "The Shrinking Man" will be written by Ted Adams, the company's CEO and Publisher. Mark Torres illustrated the story.

"Running IDW keeps me busy so I don't have as much time to write as I'd like but when we decided to adapt Matheson's classic novel, I knew I had to find the time," Adams said in statement. "This isn't just a great adventure story, it's also an exploration into what it means to be a man when you can no longer provide for or protect your family."

Described by IDW as an "exploration of withering manhood and social norms," the original novel was noted for tackling issues of masculinity through a sci-fi lens. Many of Matheson's other works have received comic book adaptations over the years, including "I Am Legend."

"The Shrinking Man" has had a life outside of prose since very shortly after its debut, being adapted into a 1957 motion pictures. A four-issue miniseries, "The Shrinking Man" is scheduled to debut in July, one of five new #1s from IDW set for release that month.

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