ECCC EXCLUSIVE: Moreci & Seeley Take A Stab At "Hack/Slash: Son of Samhain"

Since 2004, Cassie Hack has been hunting down the evilest, nastiest slashers she can find, putting an end to their blood lust once and for all. The fearless heroine has taken on all sorts of evil creatures, from zombie cats to killers targeting comic book creators. Fueled by her desire to overcome a time in her life where she played the victim, Cassie is committed to doing whatever she can to save others.

Tim Seeley's original "Hack/Slash" saw its big finale in May 2013, and aside from Dynamite's recent crossover with "Army of Darkness," fans believed the series as dead as the slashers left in Cassie's wake. However, like all great movie villains, the dangers of Cassie's world rise again this July as "Hack/Slash" returns to comics with a new series from a different creative team. Co-written by horror aficionados Michael Moreci and Steve Seeley, with art by Emilio Lasio, the story, subtitled "Son of Samhain," promises to be filled with even scarier monsters, deeper mythology and, of course, more Cassie.

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Moreci and Seeley broke the story to CBR News during Emerald City Comic Con, taking a break from hacking and slashing to fill us in on their plans for the comic, including what Cassie has been up to since we saw her last, the possibility of crossing over with their own creator-owned comic "Hoax Hunters," and why the time is right for her triumphant return.

CBR News: Tell me how "Hack/Slash" came back to life, like Jason popping up at the end of -- um -- every "Friday the Thirteenth" flick. And why did you want to work on the title?

Michael Moreci: I think Steve and I just bugged Tim to the point where he finally caved. He's so busy writing a million books that I'm not even sure he knew what he was agreeing to. But here we are!

Seriously though, Steve and I love, love "Hack/Slash." I was a huge fan of the series before Tim and I became friends. It's so smart and subversive and funny, and the thing is, there are so few horror comic characters are evergreen as Cassie Hack, who are so recognizable and popular. A handful. It's almost a disservice not to continue Cassie's story, because there is so much more to tell -- she's a fantastic character, and there's a lot of fans that want to see where she goes next. Steve and I wrote an issue in the past -- issue #19 -- and it was one of the best comics writing experiences I've ever had.

I think -- and Tim would agree -- that "Hack/Slash" is not the book a lot of people dismiss it to be, that it's a sexed up horror romp. I mean, it is in a way, but Tim's work on it has always been way, way smarter than the credit it's been given, and that's the stuff I gravitate towards. I love how subversive it is and the deep characters it mined -- that's the "Hack/Slash" spirit that Steve and I want to stay true to as we carve out our own voice at the same time.

Who else is working on the new series?

Steve Seeley: Mike and myself handle writing duties. Fan-favorite Emilio Lasio takes on the art duties. We've got some great covers coming as well, including regular ones by artist extraordinaire Stefano Casselli. Also, the great Jim Lowder as editor, steering the ship, and Crank! on letters!

How many issues are planned, and will the series be structured in a one-case-per-issue format?

Moreci: Like all indie books, we're subject to the whims of sales. If the book does well, we'll keep going. Steve and I have a whole new mythology for Cassie that we're ready to share. I'm actually dying to tell the story I have in mind. But, right now, the only thing we're locked in for is the five-issue arc, "Son of Samhain."

You've work on a couple of other horror books -- "Curse," "Hoax Hunters" -- any chance of a crossover?

Moreci: I'll say this: If "Hack/Slash" continues, I definitely have ambitions to join the "Hoax Hunters" and "Hack/Slash" universes in a significant way. I don't know if we'll be allowed to do that, but they're a natural fit, and there's a really cool story there.  

Back in 2005, there was a Hack/Slash play -- are there any plans for fun stuff like that again? Maybe a puppet show?

Seeley: Yeah, I'm reprogramming some robots from The Roc Afire Explosion to act out the parts. It's not going so well. Seriously though, nothing planned yet. However, another play would be awesome, but probably more expensive, considering our new content.

What are some monsters coming up that you're most looking forward to?

Moreci: Oh, man. Monsters galore. That is what is so fun about this series, and why I'm so grateful Tim has given us free rein. This is going to be a monster story. Remember, the slashers are cured. What Cassie has to confront is a whole new threat, this ancient, dormant evil that is a force to be reckoned with -- she's going to have to learn some new tricks and challenge herself in new ways to stop what's coming.

Where does the series pick back up? What's Cassie been up to? Is she working with any new partners?

Moreci: We pick up a few years after the final arc of Tim's series. A lot has changed for Cassie, and we're going to see her in a whole new way. She's older here, more mature, and her life is shaded by everything she went through and what's happened to hear in the intervening years.

She does have a new partner -- or partners? These new characters -- in addition to being a lot of fun and cool additions to the "Hack/Slash" universe -- will help the story take shape and evolve Cassie to this next stage in her life.

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