ECCC 2009: Con Conclusions

This year's Emerald City ComiCon was full of both fans and professionals, as well as tons of games and celebrities. The best part - as far as the Northwest natives were concerned - not a drop of rain all weekend! While that may not sound optimal for spending a day in a convention center, it sure makes it easier to transport comics to and from the con. Plus, no one likes a wet Stormtrooper.

CBR News was present for the entire event, and you've followed our coverage for the latest from DC Comics, Marvel, Dark Horse, Oni Press, and BOOM! Studios. Lots of news was to be found over the weekend, including details on Marvel's new exclusive writer Rick Remender and information about the latest "Blackest Night" tie-ins from DC Comics.

ECCC 2009 was easily the most well attended ComiCon in Seattle's history, with attendance easily above 10,000, according to convention organizer Jim Demonakos. There were all kinds of new and exciting programs for con-goers too; including more panels, more gaming space, a costume contest, and a live performance from Kirby Krackle (Hyperlink - http://www.kirbykracklemusic.com) - "The World's First Comic Book Rock Band!"

Many panels were packed to capacity, which unfortunately meant that stragglers missed out on some of the fun. However, fans shouldn't fear - Demonakos said that next year there will be even more (and larger) panel rooms.

ECCC 2010 will take place on March 13 and 14, so those who wish to attend may want to mark their calendars now! The location will remain the same, as the Washington State Convention and Trade Center is the biggest and best venue for this kind of affair.

While there were many highlights during the weekend for Demonakos, he was especially proud of one of the exclusives offered at the convention: the "Monsters & Dames" charity artbook. (Hyperlink - http://www.emeraldcitycomicon.com/exclusives.php) With a cover by Frank Cho, this book featured original art contributions from many of the con's guests with part of the proceeds benefiting the Seattle Children's Hospital.

As always, the Emerald City ComiCon was "all about the comics." It's amazing what you can find when you follow that comic book road.

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