Fred Van Lente Day EXCLUSIVE Preview of Eat Fighter Episode 12!

Happy Fred Van Lente Day, everyone!

Today, as a special Fred Van Lente Day treat to all you good little boys and girls out there, we have a special ADVANCED LOOK at this week's episode of Eat Fighter, from the writing team of Fred Van Lente (you know, the guy that this holiday is named after) and Crystal Skillman (the renowned playwright who is now taking the world of comics by storm!) and the awesome artwork of Fernando Pinto. It is a weekly webcomic that appears on Line WebToon. Check it out here.

Check out this year's Fred Van Lente Day Chat Transcript to see Fred and Crystal talk about Eat Fighter. Here is a little bit of their discussion:

FVL: It's basically FIGHT CLUB meets FOOD NETWORK: A world set in the underground world of illegal competitive eating!

CS: Yup - all the goodies!

FVL: Also, there are psychic tapeworms. And fast food zombies.

CS: Tasty!

FVL: Pirate BBQ operations. You know, the usual.

Here is the official description of the comic:

Eat Fighter is a competitive eating, zombie murder epic that follows Miss, a thirty-something fitness nut who throws away her kale and step-counting ways to become a superstar on the competitive eating circuit. Following the lifestyle of her late brother, who was a champion competitive eater himself, she embarks on a quest to Seoul to become the World Champion Eat Fighter. But eating barrels of barbecue and acres of apple pie doesn’t come without a price—so what’s Miss’s secret as to why she can eat as much as she wants and never gain a pound?

A new episode debuts every Saturday (at midnight), but due to a Fred Van Lente Day miracle, you get a sneak peek days ahead of time!

Awesome stuff, right?

Well, go check out the comic itself here!

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