The Skrulls' "Secret Invasion" of Earth begins this Wednesday, so CBR News is stepping up our coverage of potential threats to the shapeshifters' master plans this week with TWO installments of EARTH'S MOST WANTED. Today, in our penultimate edition, Marvel Comics editor Tom Brevoort returns to help us unveil the Twos in the Skrulls' "Secret Invasion" poker deck.


With her superhuman strength and resistance to injury along with her ability to fly at subsonic speeds, Ultra Girl (AKA Suzy Sherman) can do a lot of damage to the Skrulls on the battlefield. Ultra Girl may look human, but she's actually one of the Skrulls hated foes, a Kree, and a very special one at that. Certain Kree believe Ultra Girl is the Ultimate Unifier, a figure prophesized to unite the blue skinned and Caucasian Kree and return glory to the Empoire. "The belief among some Kree that she's important to them and their future might cause the Kree to get involved in the Skrull invasion plans," Brevoort told CBR News.

Additionally, Ultra Girl's membership in the U.S. government's Initiative program means she could become a valuable resource if replaced by a Skrull agent. "Ultra Girl is heading up the Young Guardsmen program, preaching the gospel of the Initiative and heroism in general to the youngest generations," Brevoort explained. "So replacing her would give the Skrulls potentially an excellent propaganda tool in terms of indoctrinating the children of the Earth to their beliefs and way of thinking."

When wielded properly, words can be just as effective as a gun or a bomb. In the Marvel Universe, no one has a way with words like veteran reporter Ben Urich. His lack of combat skills or superhuman abilities means he won't be fighting the Skrulls on the front lines, but his reporting chops would make him a valuable asset for any organized resistance against to the Skrulls. With just a few choice phrases Urich could remind people what they were fighting for and what's at stake.

Urich's membership in the media and current position as the editor of the news paper Frontline means the Skrulls would gain a valuable propaganda tool if they were able to replace him. But Urich has connections in the superhero community as well. His friendships with heroes like Daredevil and Spider-Man could be used to pass disinformation or to even strike directly at these heroes.

Sometimes in war, the best approach is the direct one, and Wonder Man can do a lot of damage to the Skrull War Machine if given the chance to confront it directly. "[Wonder Man] is a straightforward kind of a guy, so his fists (which hit like Thor's hammer!) are likely his greatest asset in combating the Skrulls," Brevoort said.

Over the course of his superhero career, Simon Williams has formed some strong relationships particularly as a member of the Avengers. His best friend is former Avenger and current X-Men member, the Beast, a scientist who could use his skills as a biochemist to uncover how the Skrulls are operating undetected on Earth. Wonder Man's current love interest is Mighty Avengers leader and S.H.I.E.L.D. operative Ms. Marvel. A Skrull operative posing as Wonder Man could strike at and manipulate these two very dangerous adversaries or any of his other comrades in the Mighty Avengers.

Jazinda, the estranged daughter of Kl'rt, the Super Skrull, currently lives a fairly uncomplicated life helping her bounty hunting partner She Hulk track down fugitives. But the Skrull invasion will complicate that, and the Skrulls are sure to come looking for anyone with knowledge about them that they could share with Earth's defenders, which means Jaz's life is almost certainly in danger.

Jazinda's superhuman ability to recover from lethal injuries makes her even more dangerous and hated to the Skrulls. "It's an ability she gained under mysterious circumstances, through which she became alienated from her family and the rest of her race," Brevoort said. "So she's not the Skrulls' favorite person notwithstanding the invasion."

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