Earth's Mightiest Youngsters: 8 Teenage Avengers

The universe-altering "Secret Wars" hasn't even started yet and Marvel is already looking even further into the future. The publisher has unveiled the Avengers lineup that will star in "All-New, All-Different Avengers" when the "Secret Wars" smoke clears. Stalwarts like Iron Man and Vision are present on the time, as are the latest iterations of Captain America and Thor, but there are three members of the new Avengers lineup that causes this roster to skew younger than any previous version of Earth's Mightiest.

Miles Morales, Iron Man & Captain America Round Out "All-New, "All-Different Avengers"

Joining the team are new recruits Kamala Khan (Ms. Marvel), Sam Alexander (Nova) and Miles Morales (Spider-Man) -- three characters previously known for flying solo. They all have one more thing in common, too -- high school. These heroes are so young, they won't be getting behind the wheel of a car any time soon, let alone a Quinjet. The Avengers have shied away from taking in teens in the past, but that rule -- along with who knows what else -- will be broken in a post-"Secret Wars" MU. Before this teenage trio assembles, let's take a look back at eight other teenage Avengers.

Rick Jones

While he only ever achieved honorary member status, you can't write a list about teenage Avengers without mentioning the founder and leader of the Teen Brigade -- Rick Jones. When Loki began menacing Earth, Jones and his network of fellow teens fired up their ham radios intending to alert the Fantastic Four to the chaos. Instead, they summoned disparate heroes Iron Man, Ant-Man, Thor, Wasp and Hulk together -- thus forming the Avengers. The Teen Brigade continued to help out the team and Jones even trained under Captain America for a while.


After Rick Jones' departure, the team went almost thirty years without a teenage member. While the X-Men had teens like Kitty Pryde and Jubilee fighting alongside them, the Avengers resisted assembling alongside anyone that couldn't vote. The only reason the 13-year-old Rage was allowed to join the team was because toxic waste enhanced his musculature and physique well past adulthood. As soon as Elvin Haliday's true age was discovered, his membership was revoked and he was demoted to a trainee. Haliday packed up his Rage mask and instead joined the New Warriors, a team of heroes that were only slightly older than him.

Living Lightning

Miguel Santos gained his electricity-based powers while still in high school and, after a brief skirmish with the West Coast Avengers, he became the superhero Living Lightning. Santos only served with the team for a brief time, although his service did include the intergalactic fracas "Operation: Galactic Storm." Miguel eventually chose to pursue a college education over being a full-time Avenger and opted to become a reserve member of the team. Since then, Living Lighting has embarked on a career doing private security.


Unlike Living Lightning, Chris Powell -- a teenager transformed into the armored hero Darkhawk by a mystical amulet -- never made it past reserve status with the West Coast Avengers. Darkhawk helped the team fight Klaw and the Pacific Overlords during his brief association with the Avengers. Unfortunately for Darkhawk, who spent a decent amount of time operating as both a member of the New Warriors and a solo hero in New York City, the west coast branch of the Avengers was shut down very soon after his team-up.

Tony Stark

While under the control of the time-traveling villain Immortus, Iron Man killed Guardians of the Galaxy member Yellowjacket and Inhuman nanny Marilla. These acts left the Avengers with no choice but to travel back in time and enlist the aid of a younger, uncorrupted Tony Stark. After the adult Stark came to and sacrificed himself to stop Immortus, the Avengers were left with the teenage version of Iron Man in their time period and in their mansion. The teenage Tony picked up where his adult counterpart left off, filling the Iron Man-shaped hole in the Avengers' roster. Shortly after his addition to the team, however, the teen Iron Man sacrificed his life along with the rest of the Avengers in a battle against Onslaught.

Amadeus Cho

The seventh most intelligent person in the world, teenage genius Amadeus Cho made a name for himself as Hercules' sidekick. In the aftermath of "Secret Invasion" and Norman Osborn's rise to power, a new team of Avengers was formed to stand in direct contrast with the ex-Green Goblin's crew of Dark Avengers. Cho, along with Hercules, joined this new team of Mighty Avengers. After the team's dissolution, Cho went back to freelancing for a number of other heroes. Now a bit older, he has recently joined the ranks of the Illuminati and come into conflict with the Avengers.


The Avengers have had their fair share of teenage offshoot teams, specifically the Young Avengers and the students at Avengers Academy. For a while, Cassie Lang -- the size-changing daughter of Avenger Scott Lang -- pulled double duty as a member of both the Young Avengers and the Mighty Avengers. Operating under the codename Stature, Lang joined the Avengers team at the request of the suddenly returned Scarlet Witch. The suspicious Stature ultimately uncovered the truth about Scarlet Witch and exposed her as Loki in disguise. After defeating Loki and protecting Asgard from Norman Osborn, Cassie left the adults behind to rejoin her peers on the Young Avengers.

Victor Mancha

As the creation of the robot villain Ultron, Victor Mancha fit right in with the rest of the Runaways -- a team of teen heroes whose parents were all members of a criminal organization called the Pride. Victor stayed with the Runaways for a while before the team drifted apart; he became an Avenger when Hank Pym, the original Ant-Man, recruited him into his Avengers A.I. team. There, Victor teamed up with A-List Avenger Vision as well as new recruits like Doombot and Protector.

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