Earth X: Scott Porter & Jim Krueger Talk New Marvel HeroClix Series

HeroClix - Earth X

Actor Scott Porter is perhaps best known as the star of Friday Night Lights and the voice of Marvel's Cyclops on animated television and in video games, but he's also an avid player of HeroClix. He's such a fan, in fact, that he hosts a series of unboxing videos for the game's manufacturer WizKids. Following this week's unboxing, of Marvel HeroClix Earth X, Porter sat down for a lengthy discussion with Earth X writer Jim Krueger in a video that debuts exclusively on CBR.

Created by Krueger and artist John Paul Leon, based on concepts by Alex Ross, the 1999-2000 comics miniseries envisioned a dystopian future for the Marvel Universe in which all of humanity has developed superhuman abilities. Earth X inspired two sequels, 2000's Universe X and 2002's Paradise X.

In the video, Porter characterizes Earth X as "a biblical Marvel story." "It's about birth and death and morality, and [it] touched all of these touchstones in between," he said, "and it's just one of the greatest Marvel properties ever."

Addressing how influential the story has been over the past 20 years, Krueger noted that an online source tallied 50 or 60 elements from Earth X that have been integrated into Marvel's primary comics universe. The writer also recounted the origin of Earth X, dating back to Ross and Mark Waid's 1996 DC project Kingdom Come, and a request by Wizard Magazine for Ross to image a similarly dystopian version of the Marvel Universe.

HeroClix is, of course, a popular collectible miniatures game that focuses primarily on the worlds of Marvel and DC superheroes and supervillains. (Porter provides a pretty good overview of gameplay in the video.) However, WizKids has released series based on such properties as Assassin's Creed, Star Trek and Street Fighter.

Arriving Feb. 6, Marvel HeroClix Earth X features such characters as Spiders-Man, Venom (May Parker), Fancy Dan, The Skull, King Britain, Stegron, Clea , Spider-Woman (Mattie Franklin) and Mister Negative.

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