Earth-"Supergirl" Barry Allen Doppleganger May Exist, Says Berlanti

Though fans won't meet the Barry Allen of "Supergirl's" reality during the upcoming "World's Finest" crossover, Executive Producer Greg Berlanti hasn't ruled out the possibility of the Flash's doppelgänger eventually making an appearance on the show.

"We just talked about that recently," Berlanti told Entertainment Weekly. "There is room [for that], absolutely."

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And while that may come as a bit of a disappointment for fans who have become used to seeing different versions of their favorite characters, there's plenty of that sort of fun to come on "The Flash" this season. EP Andrew Kreisberg teased a big one waiting in the wings, actually, telling EW, "We have a really exciting, fun doppelgänger coming up in the penultimate episode."

"World's Finest," "Supergirl's" anticipated crossover episode, arrives Monday March 28 on CBS at 8 p.m.

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