Welcome To Earth M: DC Debuts Art From Milestone's New Titles


The long-anticipated Milestone rebirth has finally been made official, with Denys Cowan, Derek Dingle, Reginald Hudlin and more announcing the first wave of titles to take place on DC Comics' Earth M at New York Comic Con.

"We thought the Milestone characters work best pretty separate from the original DCU," Hudlin told an eager NYCC audience. (In recent years, Milestone characters such as Static Shock have been a part of the DC Universe proper.) "It's called Earth M also because not everything takes place in Dakota," Cowan added.

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"This is a reset, so no previous knowledge required," Hudlin said of the new books. "Just pick this book up and go from there. At the same time, we will be reissuing the classic lines over time."

Of course, no launching of a new comic book line is complete without preview art, and Milestone Media and DC Comics have delivered in the form of a number of character sketches by Denys Cowan. They've also released pages from Milestone, the line's flagship series starring Icon and Rocket, some Static Shock art by series artist Kyle Baker, and the first look at Ryan Benjamin's art from Love Army, the line's all-female character limited series.

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Check out the first wave of art from Milestone's Earth M titles below, and check back with CBR throughout the weekend and beyond for more DC Comics and Milestone news.

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