Earth-2 Comics Grand Opening Photo Parade

As most CBR readers probably know, Geoff Johns - writer of "Green Lantern," 'The Flash: Rebirth" and numerous other successful and acclaimed titles from DC Comics - became the proud co-owner of Earth-2, a new comic book store in Northridge, California. CBR News was on hand at the store's grand opening last Saturday, which saw Johns manning the register as a true and proper Direct Market retailer, alongside co-owners Carr D'Angelo & Jud Meyers and guest customer service reps James Robinson and Sterling Gates. Other comics creators in attendance included Jeph Loeb, Mark Waid, Philip Tan, Brian K. Vaughan, Craig Kyle, Zeb Wells, Jay Faerber, Joe Casey, and "Robot Chicken" co-creators Seth Green and Tom Root.

"I really want to learn more about the retail business," Johns told CBR. "I'm invested in it. I want to keep comics going, I want to keep the direct market going. I want to know what really sells, what people are really excited about."

For more remarks from Geoff Johns and friends (as well as loads of photos from the Earth-2 opening), check out CBR LIVE.

The following photographs were taken by CBR Staff Photographer Pinguino Kolb.

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