Early Morning Link Blogging On Superman, Mark Millar, And A Video To Make Up For That Being It

Graeme McMillan points us in the direction of the quest to save the house where Superman was born at io9. Brad Meltzer is involved! Please look anyway.

Over at one of Graeme's other blog haunts besides (that I know of; maybe he contributes here and I just haven't noticed, Jog writes a lot about the latest issue of Mark Millar's proof of concept creator owned mini-series, Kick Ass. Apparently, it's just a more profane and violent version of what he always does, and not anything to do with the human condition. So another Scotsman has failed T. there.

Snark: Jog referenced that Kirkman "Drop your paying jobs and do creator owned work like me!" video our parent (big brother? Sugar daddy?) site aired. I haven't watched that whole thing, because I can't get past "I did it to save the entire comic book industry" line. Well, at first I couldn't get as far as "people have asked me why I left Marvel"; I literally just got past that bit and on to the straight faced "I'm saving comics" bit. It may very well take me 10 years to watch that whole thing. I just really felt obligated to talk about that, since blog heroes of mine like Jog, Abhay, and Jog and Abhay have talked about it. I assume other people did, too. That actually gives me a springboard for another post. Hopefully none of this will cause Jonah to fire me from this non paying job I barely work at anyway.

Since that covers 2/3rds of the comics blogs I read (Sims is doing nothing but tributes lately, derpessingly), I guess I'm done here. I wanted to link to Patton Oswalt's routine about Nick Nolte playing Han Solo, just to pad things out and excuse my lousy link blog fu, but youtube took the damn thing down. Here's some pictures of horrible old women and a monkey instead.

Wait! Wait! On second thought, that Google image search just took me down some really disturbing dark alleys, so let's just link to the Amazing Screw On Head pilot, since I was just referencing the comic anyway. That's pretty rad. Also, you probably shouldn't Google image search Amazing Screw On Head. That could lead to some pretty nasty stuff, too. Just watch the video, read the book, and poke yourself in the eye if you didn't vote for Sci-Fi to pick it up. But only after you've consumed the only existing other Screw On Head media. Can't stress that enough.

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