Hulk’s Early Thor: Ragnarok Armor Was a Dead Ringer for World War Hulk


One of the biggest talking points about Thor: Ragnarok was director Taika Waititi's vision for Hulk, the lost Avenger stuck on Sakaar who battled Thor in the Grandmaster's arena. Now, we have a look at what the behemoth could have looked like, and it feels even more influenced by the World War Hulk comics.

The concept art, from visual designer Anthony Francisco, depicts Hulk with no helmet and less armor than in the film. His arm also isn't as armored up, instead using cloth and metal plates, similar to the warriors who fought to the death in the Roman Colosseum of old.

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With straps across his upper-torso (which is now more exposed), it's easy to see how much Hulk looks like the World War Hulk version of the character, who initially began his journey of vengeance against Earth's heroes in the Planet Hulk storyline. Most noticeable is that Hulk isn't rocking his hammer from the movie, but rather an axe. Again, this is a clear reference to the comics Waikiki adapted the character from.

This alternative look comes hot on the heels of another costume change the Jade Giant is about to receive in Avengers 4. Hulk is poised to start wearing a special suit that will prepare him for a second round with the Mad Titan Thanos, who beat him down in the opening of Infinity War.

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