Early Doctor Strange Concept Art Shows Off Sorcerer's Streamlined Look

Marvel’s “Doctor Strange” was a smash hit this past November, with the film earning nearly $700 million in total box office on it’s way to becoming one of Marvel’s ten biggest films. While there’s no word on a sequel yet, an artist for the film has come forward and released some concept art of what Stephen Strange’s costume originally looked like.

When you compare it to what most of his other Avengers teammates wear, Strange’s costume is probably one of, if not the most elaborate. Not only does the costume literally interact with him as if it had a mind of its own, it features a ton of buttons, zippers, and a real spiffy collar. However, Andy Park -- the Visual Development Supervisor for Marvel Studios -- decided to share with us an early concept design for the costume.

As you can tell from the image above, the original design for Stephen Strange’s costume featured a more clean design. While the final film seemed more real, with a ton of cloth wrappings and belts, this one seemed to be more tight fitting and sleek. Another piece of art (below) even makes Strange seem like a character out of “Star Wars”, with Park aiming for “simplicity” and “elegance”.

While the above images were just conceptual drawings, it’s not entirely out of the question for the Marvel team to change the costume for Strange in the future. Every major character has seen some tweaking to their costume. If Stephen Strange is the next in that trend, we may one day see one of these sleeker costumes make it to the final film.

Strange will next appear in "Thor: Ragnarok," opening on November 3. He'll then join up with the rest of the Avengers in "Avengers: Infinity War," opening on May 4, 2018.

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