Early adventures of "Supernatural Law" found, offered for sale

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Back in 1987, many years before Batton Lash started Exhibit A Press and the Supernatural Law comics series, Andrion Books published Batton's first collection of Wolff & Byrd, Counselors of the Macabre newspaper strips. In the early 1990s Batton ran out of copies of the book, and Andrion had gone out of business. But now Batton has been contacted by his former publisher, who ran across some boxes of the book while cleaning out a storage facility.

As a result, Exhibit A now has available some copies of what is fondly referred to as "The Red Book." This 64-page 8 1/2 x 11 collection contains strips that originally appeared in The National Law Journal and The Brooklyn Paper in the mid-1980s and that predate those reprinted in the later Supernatural Law and Fright Court collections published by Exhibit A.

Unearthing this earliest collection has come at an interesting time: Lash is celebrating the 25th anniversary of the appearance of the first Wolff & Byrd strip, published in The Brooklyn Paper in September of 1979. The weekly strips followed a continuity format, with most storylines running for six weeks or longer.

In the strips in this book, Wolff & Byrd defend a vampire dentist, go to L.A. for an est-like experience, encounter a young man possessed by Clarence Darrow, and deal with ghosts, witches, time travelers, werewolves, the undead-and Ronald Coleman? Plus, many fans will be interested to learn that this book features the introduction of Mavis (Wolff & Byrd's self-proclaimed "World's Greatest Secretary") and a flashback to young Alanna and Jeff in law school.

Exhibit A is selling the book for just $7.00-the original cover price (plus shipping and handling). Batton offers one caveat: The strips are printed smaller than their original versions, so some readers may need to get out their magnifying glasses!

Ordering information can be found at the Exhibit A website: www.exhibitapress.com/pages/whatsnew.html

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