Eagle One Media to distribute Marvel and CrossGen Digital Comic Books

Official Press Release

Macomb, MI, April 7, 2004 - Eagle One Media, a multi-media company isproud to announce it will be distributing Intec Interactive's full line ofMarvel and CrossGen Digital Comic Books to retailers and will also offerthe complete line to consumers via Eagle One's website.

Each Digital Comic Book (DCB), which is playable on DVD, PC, and videogameconsoles, contains a five to eight issue comic story-arc and at half thecost of the printed version, the value speaks for itself. A DCB blends thevisual art and storytelling ability of published comic books withprofessional voice-overs, original music, stunning effects and high-endsound design. Plenty of extra material is packed in as well, likepreviews, character biographies, original sketches, a documentary abouthow comics are made, and bonus chapters (including classic firstappearances of the main characters). All this provides over 100 minutes ofviewable material on each DCB and with a quality on par with a majormotion picture release.

Marvel Comics and CrossGen Entertainment, have provided their most popularproperties to these DCBs. Character titles include Marvel's The IncredibleHulkTM , Ultimate X-MenTM, DaredevilTM, Wolverine TM and CrossGen'sNegation, Sojourn, Scion, and Way of the Rat.

The Digital Comic Book line, with a total of 21 titles, has receivednumerous accolades and outstanding reviews from the press for itsuniqueness and high entertainment value. The suggested retail price forthe Marvel titles is $ 9.99 and $ 7.99 for the CrossGen titles.

Additional information can be found at the Eagle One Media websitewww.eagleonemedia.com or by sending an e-mail to info@eagleonemedia.com.

About Eagle One Media, Inc.:

Eagle One Media, Inc., founded in 2001, through its home entertainmentDVD/VHS division, produces, distributes and promotes quality DVD and VHSproducts for the North American retail marketplace. The Company alsodevelops and publishes paperback novels and e-book novels for the retailand internet markets.

About Intec Interactive:

Intec Interactive is an interactive entertainment company headquartered inMiami, Florida. The company develops, produces and sells digital mediaproducts for consumers. Its first product line, Digital Comic Books (DCB),brings traditional comic book stories to life in DVD format with amazingvoice-overs, explosive images and digital sound.

For more information on Marvel Enterprises, visit www.marvel.com. For moreinformation on CrossGen Comics, visit www.crossgen.com.

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