Eagle Awards 'will continue to soar into 2013,' organizer insists

Confirming rumors of a behind-the-scenes struggle with London MCM Expo, the co-owner of the Eagle Awards dismissed the widely reported announcement made Friday that this was the last year for the venerable U.K. fan awards.

“To paraphrase Mark Twain: The reports of the Eagles’ death have been greatly exaggerated," Cassandra Conroy, daughter of awards co-founder Mike Conroy, said in a press release.

Bryan Cooney, managing director of MCM Expo, surprised many in the industry when he closed Friday's ceremony with the news that the Eagles would be replaced next year by the MCM Awards, ending a tradition that dates back to 1977.  Conroy said she and her father boycotted the ceremony "in response to actions that are now being reviewed by my lawyer" and, therefore, did not hear Cooney's remarks.

Although the Eagles have been co-owned by MCM Expo since 2010, Conroy insists the organization "is in no position to announce, imply or indicate otherwise." “In fact no third party can casually discard what my father has developed over the past 36 years," she said. "The Eagles will continue to soar into 2013 and beyond. We’ll be announcing further details of our plans for next year in the near future.”

Named after the British children's comic Eagle, the awards were presented more or less annually from 1977 until going dormant in the early 1990s. They were resurrected again in 2000.

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