E3 2009: Five Cool Things From Day Three

In terms of press conferences, Day Three of E3 was a much quieter affair, with Square Enix and Konami being the big presenters. While Square Enix was in Los Angeles to talk only about "Final Fantasy XIV," Konami spoke about several upcoming titles, including some big news from Kojima (who seems to be everywhere this week). We also got new information on some other upcoming games, as well as one late, surprising announcement from Lionhead's Peter Molyneux.

Here's a few tidbits to chew on from E3 Day Three:

Final Fantasy XIV

As there was some confusion at the reveal on Day Two, Square Enix clarified today that upcoming MMO "FFXIV" will be coming to the PC and the PS3, although they are considering other hardware, inclusive of Microsoft hardware. Time will tell if this means the Xbox 360 will eventually get the game. Square Enix also made it clear that they would still be supporting "FFXI," and had no plans to stop doing so. When asked about pricing, Square said it was still "to be decided." If you missed it, check out the trailer at the official site.

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow

Kojima's big reveal at the Konami event was a new "Castlevania" game. He is "helping out" developer Mercury Steam (Jericho) with the game, which will be coming to the Xbox 360 and the PS3 in 2010. From the looks of the trailer, the game is gorgeous and gameplay looks very "God of War" inspired. You can watch the trailer (voiced by Patrick Stewart) and judge for yourself.

Metal Gear Arcade

Coming to arcades in Japan later this year, "Metal Gear Arcade" will bring the "Metal Gear Online" experience to the coin-op crowd. The game will be presented in 3D, and players will don goggles inside enclosed arcade cabinets. The "eKonami" system will allow machines in different arcades to link to one another for competitive play. Sadly, no information was given about a US release. With the thriving arcade system over here, it's only a matter of time, though.

Undead Knights

A new trailer and some screenshots were released for Tecmo's upcoming PSP medieval zombie action game. You're a bad guy raising an army of undead in order to seek vengeance against the King (although it looks like you can control a couple of other characters as well). As you take down enemies, you convert them into to zombies to bolster your own forces. Gameplay reminded me of "Dynasty Warriors" meets "Overlord." The game will support ad-hoc multiplayer in addition to the single player campaign. "Undead Knights" should be arriving this fall. You can check out some gameplay video here.

Molyneux's Announcement

On Tuesday, Peter Molyneux ("Populous," "Black & White," "Fable") posted on his Twitter that he had another announcement to make at E3. Late Wednesday evening, it was revealed that Molyneux had been promoted to the position of Creative Director of European studios at Microsoft Games Studios (a role he accepted back in March). This means he'll be overseeing all of the UK and European studios' creative work, including that of UKL developer Rare. He'll still be located at the Lionhead offices, and he clarified on his Twitter that he'll "still be as involved with the design of Lionhead games as I ever was." I'm a big fan of Molyneux's so I was pretty excited about this one.

The news bites above are just a fraction of what's been talked about and shown at this year's E3. Of all the things you've seen and heard this week, what has you the most excited? Head on over to forums and let us know!

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