E-comics site folds, leaving free comics for download

I found this totally by accident, and it's sort of old news, but it raises a few points worth pondering: The comics download site Literate Machine shut down operations in May. The site is still there, but there's a note:

You all may have noticed activity on Literate Machine has been pretty low for a while now. This is because of two major events: 1) The party providing the financial backing for the site has gone out of business, 2) The remaining founders of the site were hired away by far more successful competitors — comiXology

I'll confess I never heard of the site before I stumbled upon it the other day, but it looks like the NPR version of DriveThruComics: It offers downloads of indy and small-press comics and literary magazines, and the design is done in tasteful grays. I hopped over there to download the first issue of So... Buttons, but I'll have to look elsewhere, because the site's SSL certificate has expired, so they aren't selling any more comics. They continue to make free issues available for download, however, and if odd little zones, self-published comics, and tiny indy anthologies are your bag, head over there right now and check out the selection, because it won't be there forever.

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