<i>Dynamo 5</i> comes out on Wednesday, so check it out!

This week Jay Faerber's new series, Dynamo 5, hits the stands.  If you haven't been reading Noble Causes, that's just too bad, but here's a chance to check out a brand-new series.  Faerber has become a very good comic book writer - he's kind of like old-school Claremont without the repetitive soliloquizing!

Dynamo 5 is the story of five half-brothers and sisters who all happen to be the sons and daughters of a Captain Dynamo, a deceased superhero.  He obviously couldn't keep it in his pants as he traveled the world!  After his death, his wife, who you would think would be a lot more upset about his philandering, brings the five half-siblings together because they all have one aspect of their father's power.  She forms them into a superteam.  Wouldn't you?

The first issue does a nice job establishing the kids' powers and their uneasiness about being around each other.  They don't know each other, after all, so they're not entirely comfortable around each other.  Faerber has become quite good at the personalities of superpowered individuals, so in very short time, he is able to distinguish between each superhero and give us a nice thumbnail of them.  There's a good amount of action, and a nice twist at the end.  Shocking revelations at the end of issues has become so standard as to not really work anymore, but this one isn't really that far out, and makes a lot of sense, if you think about it.  Of course, that's how I see it.  But I'm a sucker.

Mahmud Asrar's art is very cool, too - perfect for a superhero book.  He has a bit of the Dodsons in him, but with a bit less cleavage.  I first saw Asrar's art in Small Gods a few years ago and was kind of unimpressed.  He's gotten a lot better.  Here, he does a fine job with the big fight scene that takes up a lot of the book and gives each hero a nice distinctive look.  It's a beautifully drawn and colored book, bursting with enthusiasm for the superhero genre and practically leaping off the page.

I was going to scan some pages, but the first issue is on-line in a .pdf file and for some reason my Adobe software is acting strangely, so I can't access it.  I'm basically a Luddite with a keyboard, after all!  So no preview art for you!  You can always check out Jay Faerber's web site, Mahmud Asrar's web site, and the Dynamo 5 web site for a few art examples.  I'll have a better review of the book up later on in the week, but I just wanted to let you know about the book's existence.  When you make your trip to the comic book store this week, give it a look.  It won't hurt!

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