Dynamo 5 #18

Way back when, some eighteen months ago, I was writing reviews elsewhere. I decided to give a new book a float at that time. That book was "Dynamo 5". After a brief respite, here I am again, reading the adventures of Maddie Warner and her band of heroes spawned from her recently deceased, cheating, super hero husband. It was a great concept then and it's still a great concept. Essentially, it's the "Incredibles" with Mr. Incredible being a womanizer back in the days of his solo adventuring.

A lot has changed in this title since the first issue, but there are still recognizable characters in this book. Fans of the Faerberverse will find more than a few characters they've seen before -- Scrap and Scatterbrain are still here from issue #1, but this time they're joined by the Firebirds, Quake, and a handful of characters from "Noble Causes."

The book gives a nice summary of what went before and provides an exposition of the characters that are wandering within. The action in this title is fast-paced and frenetic, leaping from one scene to another, piling chaos into the turmoil the team finds itself in.

The art, however, is a little less than great. Mahmud Asrar, co-creator of the title, only turns in three pages, but is spelled by Marcio Takara. Takara's work carries a raw grit, but his figures are grossly rendered, waffling between early Erik Larsen and a more refined Richard Case. The potential is there, but the titillation needs to be less of a focus, as it impedes the storytelling.

In all, the story reads well, but lacks a knockout punch. The last page reveal was certainly intended to be a cliffhanger, but didn't quite provide the bite I hoped to encounter when I chose this book to be a victim of my reviews this week.

There is a #0 issue coming up soon, and while I am loathe to tell people to not take action, I think it might be in everyone's best interest to target that issue as a sampler for what this title truly can be. This issue, while good, would surely leave some new readers in the dark.

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