Dynamite's "Lone Ranger" #1 Sells Out!

Runnemede, NJ – DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT announced today that they had sold out of their initial print run for the launch of their all-new LONE RANGER comic book series. The company is planning a second printing variant cover to be released in time for the release of issue #2 to stores. This 1st ever second print is sure to be DYNAMITE!

The news of the sell out came during DYNAMITE's appearance at the Baltimore Comic-Con (September 8-9) where many retailers announced that they had sold out of copies on the day of release, asking Dynamite if we had more copies available. The Baltimore Comic Con featured series cover artist and art director John Cassaday as a special guest. The convention also featured an exclusive edition of the LONE RANGER #1, which reportedly was also close to selling out its run from convention organizer Marc Nathan.

DYNAMITE stated "The news has exceeded all of our expectations! We thank Brett, Sergio, Dean, and John, and especially thank the retailers and fans who supported the comic, and helped make it successful! We can honestly say, 'keep reading, the best is yet to come!'"

Writer Brett Matthews added: "An email in my inbox with 'sell out' in the subject line and it's a good thing? Sweet. I'm glad so many people are getting introduced to or re-acquainted with The Lone Ranger, and hope they love the character as much as we do. Or less, if that would be creepy."

John Cassaday's reaction to the news: "I'm proud of everyone involved, including and especially the folks at Dynamite for taking a chance on this legendary character and treating it with such respect. I'm terribly happy to be a part of it. This is merely the start."

Upon hearing the news, Colorist Dean White exclaimed: "This is great news for Nick and all the folks over at Dynamite who believed in the series and never settled for second best. Glad to be part of such a great team."

In addition to the sell-out, second printing and Cassaday appearance, the reviews for those that have picked up the LONE RANGER have been glowing and have covered the gamut from the old, the new and everything in-between:

"Matthews and artist Sergio Cariello show the blood absent from so many prior depictions of the Lone Ranger. This isn't Clayton Moore on Saturday morning television. This is UNFORGIVEN and its attendant visceral consequences."


"With a creative team culled from some of comics' brightest stars, the series hopes to provide readers with a memorable answer to the question of "Who was that masked man?"


"The creative team has done an exceptional job blending tradition and new storytelling in a comic that will be pleasing to a wide range of readers from the older Lone Ranger fans to the young comic book connoisseurs. We eagerly await the next installments of this episodic adventure!"


"This first issue of the Lone Ranger is a really strong beginning for this series. Brett Matthews knows how to set up a series right from the beginning and I've got to applaud him for that. Every series needs an origin story and we're getting that story in this issue and probably for the next few issues. Sergio Cariello is such a talented artist. Take that talent and then have it being directed by John Cassaday and you have the formula for probably one of the best looking comics on the market this month."


THE LONE RANGER #1 is a powerful tale of the West and begins the origins of the Lone Ranger in a way never before presented. A young man searches for revenge, only to find justice... and that he's something greater than he ever thought he could be. Evoking shades of such powerful Westerns as Unforgiven, the tone of such powerful modern interpretations of the West as Deadwood, and written in the most reverential way, this is the must-read comic of 2006.

Written by Brett (Firefly) Matthews and art directed by John (Astonishing X-Men) Cassaday (who also provides the dynamite covers for THE LONE RANGER series), the series also features veteran illustrator Sergio (The Lone Ranger) Cariello and colorist Dean (Punisher) White.

More information on the second printing will be forthcoming, check with your local retailer for more information and fans should look for LONE RANGER #2 (AUG063193) in stores in October and LONE RANGER #3 (SEP063219) scheduled to ship in November! Written By Brett Matthews; Art Direction By John Cassaday; Art By Sergio Cariello With Colors By Dean White; Cover Art By John Cassaday.

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