Dynamite Titles On Sale April 22, 2009

Dynamite Entertainment has provided CBR with advance looks at new comics and trade paperbacks on sale this week, including "Buck Rogers" #0, "Jungle Girl Season 2" #4 and "Red Sonja" #43, plus numerous "Battlestar Galactica" trades and more. When you're done checking out these exciting previews, don't forget to visit CBR's Independents forum to discuss these Dynamite titles with fellow readers.

Click the covers to read the previews....

The Final Five #1New Battlestar Galactica:

Season Zero Vol. 2New Battlestar Galactica

Origins: Adama

Army of Darkness Vs. Xena

Vol. 1: Why Not?

The Darkness Vs. Eva:

Daughter Of Dracula

Superman Smashes the Klan Revives the Man of Steel's Most Obscure Villain

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