Dynamite Expands Retailer Incentires For "Red Sonja"

Official Press Release

March 1, 2005, Runnemede, NJ - Dynamite Entertainment announced today a new Retailer Reward Premium Incentive in addition to their already announced Incentive Program for Red Sonja #0!

As previously announced, select Retailers who order 1,000 units of Red Sonja #0 and 300 units of Red Sonja #1 will be eligible to be featured in a future Wizard advertisement promoting Red Sonja as being available in their store. The #0 issue will also carry the Comic Book Locator Service Information.

The new incentive announced today will reward retailers who order the 1000 copies of Red Sonja #0 will receive 1 copy of the Red Sonja #0 Dynamite RRP Edition of the Greg Land art piece featured on Red Sonja #0.

This Dynamite RRP edition promises to be the most limited of all Red Sonja comics. Please consult with your diamond Customer Service Representative for details.

"While taking the industry's temperature at both WonderCon and MegaCon, we came up with this extra incentive," explained Dynamite Spokesperson J. Allen. "We thank the retailers who took the time to give us their opinion and this incentive is another thank you and mark of our commitment to both Red Sonja and the Retailer Community."

"Conan #24 is one of my favorite comics of all time because of the Song of Red Sonja. The story was powerful. The art… just incredible. I fell in love with the character, and am glad to see Dynamite bring back the woman I fell in love with in Conan #24. Not only are they bringing her back, but they're putting their money where they're mouth is, and allowing the retailers and the fans the opportunity to capitalize and promote Red Sonja the way she deserves to be. I personally thank them.

The 2 DC Comic RRP's from Baltimore paid for the entire Baltimore Trip and then some, and this Red Sonja RRP Editions will allow for us to take the chance to push this series harder. There are many good books that come out each month, and to me, this will be one of the best, and it's great to have a publisher who understands the challenges retailers have, and is willing to help us generate excitement. We will probably use these as giveaways in our store to promote Red Sonja -- not that issue #0 or #1 will need it -- and I think the books are going to be so hot that I'm worried we might have to break up fights in our store for these. "-- Shelton Drum, Heroes Aren't Hard To Find

"[Writers Mike] Carey and [Michael Avon] Oeming are proof that opposites attract - each brings to Red Sonja a unique perspective on the character. Toss [series artist] Mel Rubi into the mix complimented by Caesar Rodriguez and Richard Isanove's coloring, with Greg Land Land's cover, and you've got a book that has "HIT!" written all over it."-- Greg Thompson, Lone Star Comics

"Issue #0 is perfect for Free Comic Book Day item and is a great book to give away - especially with the 15 pages of original story and art. I can't believe how good the art is. We'll be able to give this away to not only fans that come in who've never bought a comic before, but we will also give these away to all of our customers, to show them how great this book is and turn them on to Red Sonja and support the series.

Getting the regular incentives for issue #0 and #1, PLUS the RRP Edition to issue #0, just makes it that much easier to support this great series. It's nice to see Dynamite treat Red Sonja as the grade A character she originally was, and deserves to be.

"I can honestly say that it's great to see a publisher who releases great product and has fun with incentives that make sense."-- Mark Nathan, Cards, Comics and Collectibles

Retailers take note, there's still time to increase your orders. Orders are currently being taken for Red Sonja #0 and for more information on the series and the incentives, please consult with your Diamond Comics Representative.


RED SONJA #0 Alex Ross Incentive Cover DCD ITEM# FEB052706

RED SONJA #0 Ross Incentive Cover (Net Sales) DCD ITEM #FEB052707

For more information on Dynamite Entertainment, including more Army of Darkness and Red Sonja product, please visit the Dynamite Entertainment website at www.dynamiteentertainment.com

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