Dynamic Forces to Produce Collectibles for Archie Comics

Official Press Release

August 4, 2004, Runnemede, NJ – Dynamic Forces announced an agreement today with Archie Comics Entertainment and Miramax Films to produce Paper and Acetate Lithographs, Fine-Art Giclees, and Statues featuring the classic images of the gang from Riverdale!

The year was 1939. Maurice Coyne, Louis Silberkleit and John Goldwater joined to launch MLJ Magazines, a publisher of comic book titles under the lines Blue Ribbon Comics and Top Notch Comics. Comic books of this era primarily fell into two categories: Super heroes fighting off Axis forces, or furry little animals in fantasy-based adventures.

It was John Goldwater who had the brainstorm.

Inspired by the popular Andy Hardy movies starring Mickey Rooney, Goldwater sought to develop a typical teenager – someone with whom readers could immediately relate. With encouragement from his two partners – and utilizing the talents of writer Vic Bloom and artist Bob Montana – he created "America's newest boyfriend."

In December 1941, in issue #22 of MLJ Magazine's Pep Comics, Archie made his debut – and has been relating to fans worldwide ever since.

"I am so deeply honored to be working with such a legendary company, and a legendary cast of characters," said Nick Barrucci, President of Dynamic Forces, "I have been reading these comics since I was child, and to be working with them in this form, is just unbelievable. We'll be producing some of the coolest Archie collectibles ever see, and 2005 is truly going to be the year of Archie Comics!"

Look for more information on the release of Dynamic's Archie merchandise -- including pre-order information – in the weeks to come!

For more information on Dynamic Forces specialty merchandise, product art, exclusive creator interviews and upcoming releases, please visit the Dynamic Forces website at www.dynamicforces.com

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