Dynamic Forces Takes A Trip To Riverdale with Archie Litho

Official Press Release

April 19, 2005, Runnemede, NJ - Images and information were released today concerning the first item created under an arrangement between Archie Publications and Dynamic Forces concerning the classic comic book character Archie.

The first item to be released - a Lithograph -- under the arrangement not only features a classic scene available for the first time ever in this format, but it unites a classic and legendary artist with the venerable characters from Riverdale for the first time ever for DF! And best of all, this premiere lithograph is a Direct Market Exclusive, and will not be available outside of the direct market from Dynamic Forces!

"As the deal was coming together, we had an idea of what we wanted to do to start the program," explained Nick Barrucci, President of Dynamic Forces. "And what better way to start things off than by putting John Romita Sr. - certainly well known for the comic book love triangle of Peter Parker, Gwen Stacy and Mary Jane Watson - on another equally famous triangle of Betty, Veronica and Archie Andrews. This classic image is now a modern classic, being so meticulously crafted by the living master. And to add a little icing to the cake, this litho is limited to the direct market, so that retailers can maximize the potential of this awesome Archie piece of memorabilia"

The Lithograph scheduled for shipping in June and available now for PRE-ORDER from your local specialty shop, is a Direct Market Exclusive (we know we mentioned this, but reinforcement can't hurt ?), the first of a projected series.

"We'd like to keep producing these exclusively for comic fans," continued Barrucci, "And we hope that the support exists out there to let us do more lithos just for the comics market."



By legendary "good girl" artist John Romita! DF presents the first in a series of lithographs paying homage to America's most famous teenager - Archie Andrews!

Measuring 13" x 19" and printed on high- quality paper this litho is the first in a series from DF!

For more information on Dynamic Forces specialty merchandise, product art, exclusive creator interviews and upcoming releases, please visit the Dynamic Forces website at www.dynamicforces.com

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