Dynamic Forces serves up 'Spider-Man' Collector Plates

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Plates that pack a punch, what else would you expect from Dynamic Forces? DF proudly presents its inaugural edition collector plates featuring Spider-Man and Green Goblin art by the masterful Alex Ross. Plus, witness classic comic images of Spidey and the Goblin brought to life in all-new Dynamic Forces busts based on the art of the legendary John Romita, Sr.

The inaugural line of Collector Plates feature fantastic images and art from Marvel Comics! The first of two offerings, features the incredible "Head Behind the Shadows" painting by artist Alex Ross. Each porcelain plate, measuring 10 3/8", will feature the full-color Ross image, complimented by a gold border accent around the rim! Each plate will be boxed, and limited to a total production run of 1,962 plates (like we need to tell you that was the year that Spidey first appeared!) ­ all for only $49.99.

The other premier plate also features an incredible Alex Ross image that graced the cover of Marvels #4 and marked a true turning point in the life of Spider-Man ­ the death of Gwen Stacy! Each plate features the same measurements as above, plus the gold border accent around the rim. Each will be boxed, and limited to a total production run of 1,973 plates (like we need to tell you that was the year that in which Gwen shuffled off this mortal coil!) and will also retail for $49.99

Still thrilling to this year's hottest battle on the silver screen? Well, Spidey vs. the Green Goblin gets immortalized by Dynamic Forces from the classic comic book images that inspired the movie. Spider-Man, trapped by the bonds of the Green Goblin as the two enemies are locked in mortal combat, is captured here as an amazing 8 1/2" bust ­ the most amazing Spidey Bust ever produced! This Bust depicts the Wall-Crawler, unmasked with his identity as Peter Parker revealed -- as he appeared in issues 39 and 40 Of The Amazing Spider-Man! It's based on designs by the legendary John Romita Sr. and sculpted by the crazy-talented Greg Aronowitz.

Now, how about seeing Spidey dueling to the death with his arch-nemesis the Green Goblin? The wallcrawler's oldest and most deadly foe is presented here, locked in a titanic tussle with the webhead ­ it's the greatest Green Goblin Bust ever produced!

Also based on classic designs and art by John Romita Sr., and sculpted by Greg Aronowitz, this Bust depicts the Green Goblin, unmasked with his identity as Norman Osbourne revealed as he appeared in issues 39 and 40 of The Amazing Spider-Man! The Green Goblin 8 1/2" Bust is a must-have for your collection!

Both busts are set to ship to coincide with the DVD/Video release of the blockbuster Spider-Man (November) and are priced at $149.99. The plates are also scheduled to ship in November.

Attention retailers ­ special incentives and discounts are available for both Marvel busts and inaugural collector plates. Please call Dynamic Forces or visit our website for more details.

For more information on Dynamic Forces specialty merchandise, product art, exclusive creator interviews and upcoming releases ­ including more Marvel merchandise, please visit the Dynamic Forces website at www.dynamicforces.com.

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