Dynamic Forces Produces Scott McCloud's "Zot!" Statue

Official Press Release

December 1, 2004, Runnemede, NJ – Dynamic Forces, Inc. announced an agreement today with writer, artist and creator Scott McCloud to produce the first ever statue featuring McCloud's signature character Zot!.

First published by Eclipse Comics in 1984, Zot! ran for 32 issues until 1991. This statue is the first ever, 3-dimensional rendering of McCloud's creation.

"Scott has done so many things for comics, from his creation of Zot! to his explorations of the art form in Understanding and Reinventing Comics, that we're extremely honored to be working with his on this project," said Nick Barrucci, President of Dynamic Forces.

The piece is being prepared by sculptor and painter Andrew Wiernicki under the watchful eye and direction of the creator himself, who commented: "I've always tried to give Zot that "blast from the past" energy; this terrific sculpture has it in spades! A perfect way to remember that moment in comics' history was when the independent movement was being born."

Currently, the sculpture stands 4.25" Wide x 5.75" in Height x 7" Deep with Zot himself depicted in flight, atop a very sleek deco base emblazoned with the hero's logo!

The item is featured in this month's Preview Catalog (item #DEC042575) and is available for pre-order now through your local comics shop, or directly from Dynamic Forces.

For more information on Dynamic Forces specialty merchandise, product art, exclusive creator interviews and upcoming releases, please visit the Dynamic Forces website at www.dynamicforces.com

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