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March 2, 2003, Runnemede, NJ - Shipping this May - in plenty of time for the first anniversary of the Spidey movie - and in anticipation of the sequel, Amazing Spider-Man - Dynamic Forces presents Spider-Man's Dirty Dozen!

This lithograph painted by John Estes, showcases the 12 Deadliest's Foes of Spidey as our hero is surrounded by some of his greatest villains of all time! From his current main bad guy in Ultimate Spider-Man - Venom, to Spider-Man villains from the first and second movie - including The Green Goblin and Dr. Octopus - with Alfred Molina as Doc Ock in the 2nd Movie! But Estes didn't stop there as this lithograph features the "best" of the rest: Carnage, the Vulture, Sandman, Electro, Kraven the Hunter, the Scorpion and the Rhino.

It's Spidey's Sinister 6 times 2!

Measures 18" x 24" and printed on 80 lbs. Gallerie Silk Stock, this masterpiece is ready for your wall!

$19.99 Suggested Retail Price.Limited Edition

Also available Signed by artist John Estes at the Suggested Retail Price of $49.99!

But DF didn't stop there! We were able to get a few copies of the next red-hot issue of Ultimate Spider-Man #37 Signed by Ultimate Spider-Man artist Art Thibert!

This issue features the grand finale to the Ultimate Venom saga and Dynamic Forces has only 199 of these signed bad boys available! Pre-order this now from your local retailer, as it won't be around for long!

Ultimate Spider-Man #37

Signed by artist Art Thibert! Each copy is hand-numbered and sealed with a DF Holo-Foil Sticker!

$19.99 Suggested Retail Price.Limited Signing

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