Dynamic Forces presents more mighty Marvel Busts

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They've become the "it" collectible for many comic fans - busts featuring their favorite comic characters, presented in a stunning 3-D form and full color paint. Among all busts currently available to fans, Dynamic Forces' are among the finest, capturing some of comics most legendary characters in all their glory. This November, we're going to do it again with two more busts showcasing two classic Marvel characters: Shang-Chi and Thor!

First off, Dynamic Forces commissioned comics creator extraordinaire Dan Jurgens to design the bust depicting Marvel's son of Fu Manchu, Shang-Chi! Sculpted by Howard Kalish, Dynamic Forces' Shang-Chi bust stands 8" tall atop an ornate base with the Master of Kung Fu poised and ready to strike! This is the first Shang-Chi bust ever produced, and is expected to sell-out quickly to the character's devoted fans the world over. Be sure to order yours asap through your local retailer for just $89.99! Shang-Chi is limited to just 1,200 pieces worldwide!

Next up, Dynamic Forces has brought back a fan-favorite version of a beloved character - Battle Armor Thor! Inspired by the designs of Walter Simonson, and sculpted by Tony Cipriano, this bust recalls the Simonson era of Thor when the Thunder God suffered from a curse, placed upon him by Hela, that never allowed him to heal from injury.

To protect himself, Thor forged a suit of armor like none other seen in Asgard. And the fans went wild! We've gone back to the original designs and crafted a highly detailed bust showing every plate of mail and link of chain, along with Thor's mighty helm. Truly mortal, your eyes have never rested upon such as visage as this!

Like all Dynamic Forces busts, production of Battle Armor Thor is strictly limited. Only 1,000 units will be produced, so be sure to tell your local retailer to reserve the Thunder God for you! For a mere $129.00, your bookshelf can be blessed by the presence of a Norse god! All orders are due by August 20th for these advance offered items!

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