Dynamic Forces Presents Adams, Shultz, Jimenez Signings In January

Official Press Release

Runnemede, NJ – Dynamic Forces today released images and information announcing their latest signed DC Comics being offered for sale in the month of January!

DF's selection of signed DC books for January is out of this world and starts off with a great signature on a super special issue about a strange visitor from another planet! Fan favorite artist Art Adams took time to sign his work as one of the contributors to Action Comics Annual #10. In a style all his own, Art Adams has drawn some of the greatest comic characters and most memorable stories of all time. To have him sign for us is always an amazing treat, and fans should not miss out on this exclusive opportunity!

Aliens and Predator are two of the scariest species in the galaxy, and now writer Charles Shultz and artist Ariel Olivetti have them squaring off against two of the greatest super heroes of all time in Batman & Superman vs. Aliens & Predator! This is sure to be a milestone encounter, and at DF we can't think of a better way for fans to start off round one than with Superman & Batman vs. Aliens & Predator #1 signed by writer Charles Schultz.

Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern… no matter who your main hero is, Infinite Crisis featured them all in one of the greatest comic book events of all time, and The DF Infinite Crisis #1 Set is your chance to receive a matching number set of both the Jim Lee and George Perez covers of Infinite Crisis #1 (1st printing) signed by Phil Jimenez!

All signed editions are available exclusively from Dynamic Forces and are available for PRE-ORDER now.

ACTION COMICS ANNUAL #10- (NOV06 3541) Signed by Art Adams

What do Art Adams, Joe Kubert, Gary Frank, Phil Jimenez, Kevin Maguire and Eric Wight have in common? No, they're not the latest rogues in Superman's gallery! Rather, they're just some of the talents DC has assembled to deliver ACTION COMICS ANNUAL #10, the place to catch up on all that's new to Superman's world - and to catch glimpses of things to come in future issues of ACTION!

SUPERMAN & BATMAN VS. ALIENS & PREDATOR #1- (NOV06 3542) Signed by Mark Schultz

They're back! The relentless killing machines known as Aliens and the unstoppable race of hunters called Predators have returned to Earth. But saying "they're back" isn't quite accurate - Batman discovers that the two races, sealed away from the human population, have been here all along! Can he and Superman get them off our world before they threaten the planet's existence?

INFINITE CRISIS #1 SIGNED 1ST PRINTS – (NOV06 3537) Both the Jim Lee and George Perez Covers with matching #'s signed by Phil Jimenez!

A special set of DC's biggest event of '05 and '06, in celebration of the original Crisis!


https://www.dynamicforces.com/htmlfiles/p-C106080.html Featuring 21 random books with 3 of them being signed DC Comics!

Each issue is hand numbered, features a DF Certificate of Authenticity and is sealed with a DF Holo-Foil Sticker!

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