Dynamic Forces offers Super Skrull and 'Earth-X' Blackbolt busts

Official Press Release

[Super Skrull]March 4, 2003, Runnemede, NJ - The ultimate alien warrior known as Kl'rt first tackled the Fantastic Four back in 1963 in the classic Fantastic Four #18! With his natural shape-shifting ability, bionically engineered by Skrull scientists to mimic the powers of the Fantastic Four, this alien nemesis went on to plague the Marvel Universe for years!

Now, Dynamic Forces brings this arch-enemy to life in the first ever Super-Skrull Bust!

"The FF had such a great cast of villains," said Nick Barrucci, President of Dynamic Forces. "There are so many to choose from, but one that has never been done as a bust - or statue - before is the Super-Skrull, and now the fans will have one to call their very own!"

Every detail of the alien warrior has been captured here, as Kl'rt prepares to battle the FF - with their own powers! The Thing's rocky arm, Mr. Fantastic's elastic arm turning invisible thanks to the power of his wife, the Invisible Girl, and the Human Torch's fiery energy burning underneath -- all on display in full force as the Super Skrull snarls in anticipation of savage battle… and victory!


Strictly limited to 1,000 Production Units in the world, the DF Exclusive Super-Skrull Bust stands 9" tall, and almost 12" wide (and 7" front-to-back). This bust is HUGE!

Designed by Juan Bobillo and sculpted/painted by Martin Canale, DF's Super-Skrull Bust is a must-have for your collection!

$149.99 Suggested Retail Price.

Limited to 1,000 Production Units in the World!

The DF Exclusive Super-Skrull Bust is scheduled to ship in July, 2003.

[Blackbolt]March 6th, 2003, Runnemede, NJ - The Earth X line of collectible statues and busts receives a new member in the month of June, the silent head of the Royal Family of Inhumans - Black Bolt!

Designed by Earth X mastermind Alex Ross, Black Bolt stands close to 6" tall, atop his uniform Earth X base. Clad in his alien costume, with a featureless faceplate hiding his visage, a shielded mouth plate is all that stands between his deadly voice and the destruction he can utter with a single whisper!


Strictly limited, to 1,000 Production Units, designed by Earth X mastermind Alex Ross and sculpted by Howard Kalish, this new addition to the Earth X bust line will make a stunning addition to your collection!

$49.99 MSRP

Limited to 1000 Production Units in the World!

The DF Exclusive Earth X: Black Bolt Bust is scheduled to ship in July, 2003.

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