Dynamic Forces kicks off holiday shopping with big sale

Official Press Release

Hey Comic Fans!

This post-Thanksgiving Day holiday - DF is bringing the specials and sales to you! That's right, you don't have to get up at 6AM to stand in line at JC Penny, Wal-Mart or K-Mart to get the cool comic collectibles that you love at great prices (and hope that you can get checked out by Noon when the sale is over!). All you gotta do is head over to your favorite comic collectibles site - www.dynamicforces.com - and check out all the cool specials that we have! Starting with DF's Free Package Sale and promotion! DF brings you the fans, for the first time EVER!!!!!, the ability to fill your cart with dynamic goodies! Just pick out your favorite DF Collectibles, and you'll be able to get even more DF products as free gifts. And if that's not enough, DF also has 4 chances to "Win a Whole Bunch of Dynamic Stuff!" Oh yeah, and for those of you who like to decorate your home or office with Dynamic Statues, busts, dioramas and bookends, DF has just the thing for you! Just purchase one of DF's awesome 3-D items between now and midnight, and you'll be able to order a second 3-D item (of equal or lesser value) at no additional cost! And you know what the best part about this 3-D sale is (if you get to www.dynamicforces.com by the end of today), is that you can not only get more than one 3 Dimensional DF item, but you also get the free package of DF product! That's right, you can double up at DF!

And for those of you that want the value of a sale, but don't want to have to go and wait in line and fight other customers to get there, DF has a really special 50% off trade paperbacks that are great reads! Until Noon on Friday, just pick one of the cool collectible trade paper backs on this list, and get them at 50% off. And you still get to double up with the free DF package sales! So what are you waiting for - go to www.dynamicforces.com - and have a Happy post Thanksgiving Day!


Starting today, and running until Friday, December 5, 2003, we're offering a special Holiday Kick-Off for all our fans and customers!For each $25, $50, $100, and $250 you spend, you'll get the equivalent dollar amount in FREE stuff (that we'll be picking from our HUGE selection of limited edition collectibles and comics)!

Spend $25, Get Another $25 in FREE Stuff!

Spend $50, Get Another $50 in FREE Stuff!

Spend $100, Get Another $100 in FREE Stuff!

Spend $250, Get Another $250 in FREE Stuff!

IT'S THAT EASY! When you hit the dollars amounts listed above, we'll automatically add the FREE code to your cart, and then the whole deal gets shipped to your home!

Win a Whole Bunch of 'Dynamic Stuff'!Four Chances To Win!

We're in a giving mood this week, and we're definitely sharing the love with this brand-new DF contest! We're clearing the closet and giving a little something for everyone, just in time for the upcoming Holiday's! just look at what one lucky winners is going to add to their collection:(1) Grand Prize winner will receive one each of the following: Amazing Spider-Man 8" Bust, Captain America 8" Bust, a complete set of all three Magdalena/Vampirella DF Exclusive covers by Art Adam, a complete set of both Transformers vs. GIJoe DF Exclusive covers by Jae Lee, a DF Exclusive Transformers Generation One, Volume One Hardcover Signed by writer Chris Sarraccini and artist Pat Lee, a Sealed box of Battle of the Planets Trading Cards, The Jim Lee Wolverine Lithograph and the Joe Quesada X-Men Lithograph!

Plus, we're setting up another awesome 1st prize for three lucky runners-up!

(3) 1st prizes winners will each receive one each of the following: 1602 #1 Signed by artist Andy Kubert; Batman #620 Signed by writer Brian Azzarello, and Witchblade: The Demon #1 signed by artist Jae Lee!Contest runs until Friday, December 5, 2003! Good luck and let a friend know, this week's contest is the best reason to get them to! They'll owe ya once you tell them about this!


Beginning today, and running until NOON EST Friday November 28, 2003, the following Ultimate Spider-Man and Ultimate X-Men trade paperback collections are 50% OFF from Dynamic Forces!

Now, as members of the fearless and faithful DF crew, you're getting the first word on this unadvertised sale, but as we mentioned these prices are only good for a couple of days, so stop reading and ORDER TODAY!


ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN VOL. 1: POWER & RESPONSIBILITY TPBRegular Price: $14.95; DF Sale Price: $7.48

Regular Price: $12.99; DF Sale Price: $6.49

ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN VOL. 3: DOUBLE TROUBLE TPBRegular Price: $17.95; DF Sale Price: $8.97

Regular Price: $14.99; DF Sale Price: $7.49

Regular Price: $11.99; DF Sale Price: $5.99


Regular Price: $14.95; DF Sale Price: $7.47

Regular Price: $14.95; DF Sale Price: $7.47

Regular Price: $17.99; DF Sale Price: $8.99

Regular Price: $12.99; DF Sale Price: $6.49

Regular Price: $10.99; DF Sale Price: $5.49

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