Dynamic Forces does HSN with special guest Greg Hildebrandt - UPDATED with Time Change

Official Press Release

[Greg Hildebrandt]Tuesday, August the 27th at 11:00 PM EST (8:00PM for you folks on the WestCoast!) Dynamic Forces President Nick Barrucci will be joined by the livinglegend -- artist Greg Hildebrandt for a very special DF/HSN event!

The year was 1939 and on January 23, the Brothers Hildebrandt were born.Greg and Tim would work together and separately, and together again, winningawards and fame. They created everything from their fantasy novel, Urshurak,to the world famous poster for Star Wars, to the best-selling calendarsillustrating J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings. Greg's art has appeared oncovers for Omni and Heavy Metal; The Franklin Mint and Lenox have issued hiswork on collector's plates, figurines, dolls, and swords; It has been onadvertising for ABC and Dr. Pepper and has been licensed for many products.Many famous people, including Michael Jackson, Robin Williams, and the ownerof WordPerfect collect Greg's art. The art of the Brothers Hildebrandtallows the fantasies and dreams of children of all ages to come true.

This awesome show will feature: the Dynamic Forces Spider-Man versus the Green Goblin Lithograph signed by painters Greg and Tim Hildebrandt and offered at a special introductory price; the Spider-Man Giclee by Greg and Tim Hildebrandt; Our infamous DF Ultimate 21st Century Lucky 21 starter set; The Spider-Man Premiere Hildebrandt Acetate "Cel" Lithograph -- featuring Spider-Man and signed by Greg and Tim Hildebrandt; and much, much more!

Don't miss this rare public appearance by Greg Hildebrandt (it's not a rare appearance for Nick, he's a TV regular!) Tuesday, August the 27th at 11:00 PM EST!

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